A San Francisco Travel Guide

Meet the City that the Locals Know and Love!

San Francisco is so much more than its main attractions.

That's why this San Francisco Travel Guide delves a bit deeper, and introduces you to the heart and soul of this amazing city.

Surely, the Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower are something to see - and I won't forget to tell you all about them, but with the help of this San Francisco Travel Guide, you will get so much more...

It's always great to know a local...

Written by a seasoned city dweller who has been living in and around San Francisco for the last 30+ years, this San Francisco Travel Guide will help you create a “one-of-a-kind” experience, by showing you how to find the hidden gems that are tucked away in the nooks and crannies of San Francisco’s steep streets.

You'll get first-hand recommendations of great places to eat, to shop, and soak in the local culture.

Think of me as your local connection in the city by the bay.


Here is a breakdown of some of the things you’ll find in this
San Francisco Travel Guide:

  • Information about San Francisco neighborhoods and why they are worth exploring! (There is so much more to this city than Fisherman's Wharf!)
  • Great San Francisco Accommodations, so that you can blend in like a native city dweller.
  • Recommendations for amazing San Francisco Dining options that locals enjoy, such as where to find some of the best cafes in the city (do you love high quality coffee by an independent brewer? Or perhaps tea is your thing?)
  • Where to find the darling artisanal bakeries, selling the city’s best croissants.
  • Fun San Francisco bars – I can recommend all kinds! Such as posh wine bars, or dusty dives with great jukeboxes and competitive pool tables.
  • Information about San Francisco shopping + a handy map to help you find the best shopping streets. (Union Square is definitely amazing, but if you really want to take something unique home, get out to the different neighborhoods!)
  • Where to find those beautiful boutique shops, funky shoe stores, independent bookstores and vintage record shops.
  • Understanding San Francisco weather, and how to properly prepare yourself!
  • Information about our San Francisco parks and beaches (Yep, San Francisco has beaches!)
  • Fun and "off the beaten path" things-to-do in San Francisco.
  • Best times for visiting the many wonderful San Francisco museums.
  • Worthwhile day-trips for exploring outside of San Francisco.


About this San Francisco Travel Guide:

Now, while I can’t possibly cover everything there is to do in this city, I cover a lot, and I’ll do my absolute best to offer you a wide range of fun activities to make your stay here authentic and memorable.

With the help of this travel guide, you will be “in” on what the locals know, and your time in San Francisco will be enriched because of it.

So let’s get started…

San Francisco Travel Guide Table of Contents:

This site has several different areas:

The section on San Francisco Attractions will help you choose which are most worth your time.

The section on San Francisco neighborhoods gives area by area suggestions of places to eat, drink, sleep and shop. You want to go to North Beach? Follow my suggestions about bookstores that are worth a peek, to which cafés offer great cappuccinos, or to the bars that make great drinks.

The section on Restaurants in San Francisco gives you tips about local’s favorite spots to fill their bellies.

The section on San Francisco Accommodations has recommendations on where to stay in the city, with information about cheap hotels, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels.

Check out the section on San Francisco Shopping for information about where to find things to bring home that are original to SF.

San Francisco Information provides you with practical information, such as handy maps, information about parking, transportation, bart, muni and weather.

The section on San Francisco Nightlife will inform you about different hip bars and nightclubs in the city.

There is a section on how to save money, with tips about museums’ free days, to free guided walking tours, to beautiful parks and beaches, and inexpensive tours.

San Francisco Things To Do - Best Moments
Get recommendations for favorite San Francisco things to do, see and experience while visiting this amazing city!
San Francisco Attractions
A local San Francisco resident provides insider information on the best San Francisco Attractions.
Best Restaurants in San Francisco
San Francisco Travel guide which offers recommendations for the best restaurants in San Francisco!
San Francisco Neighborhoods
Check out this insider guide to San Francisco neighborhoods for tips of local's favorite restaurants, shops, attractions and more.
The Best San Francisco Beaches
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San Francisco Things To Do that are Off-the-Beaten-Path!
Suggestions from a city local about alternative San Francisco things to do, that get you away from all the tourist-heavy spots.
San Francisco Weather Information
San Francisco weather can be a puzzling phenomenon. Read this page written by an SF local for tips on what to expect, and how to prepare yourself for your upcoming San Francisco vacation!
San Francisco Parking
This page on San Francisco parking offers tips on where to park downtown, as well as information about parking meters and cards, painted curbs, tow zones and street cleaning.
About Me
The <i>why</i> behind my decision to write this San Francisco Travel Guide.

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