Golden Gate Bridge Images

These Golden Gate Bridge images have all been taken by my sister, Suzanne, who is a real photography enthusiast.

San Francisco, being such a beautiful city, offers up plenty of opportunities for photographers to hone their craft. I've included some descriptions with the images to indicate where the photographs were shot in case you are interested in giving it a go yourself!

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Golden Gate Bridge at night, close-up.

Golden Gate Bridge at night.

Image of the Golden Gate Bridge taken through a crystal ball

The three first images on this page are both taken from Conzelman Road in the Marin Headlands.

Getting there:
Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, take the second exit onto Alexander Avenue and make a left at the stop sign. Follow Alexander Avenue as it curves under highway 101, and make your first, sharp right onto Conzelman Road up a steep incline. Follow the road as it winds up the hill. You can park in several places along the left side of the road.


Golden Gate Bridge Lights

Long exposure night view of Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Fields.

Golden Gate Bridge Night Reflections

Golden Gate Bridge Night View

The previous four images are all taken from a similar vantage point.

You can get this perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge by visiting the sandy beach at Crissy Fields near the Marina district.

Getting There:
Follow Mason Street to one of the Crissy Fields parking lots.


Desaturated image of Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach.

View of Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach, with crashing wave.

Both of these images were photographed near Baker Beach which is close to the Presidio of San Francisco.

Getting there:
Baker Beach can be reached by following the signs from Lincoln Boulevard. From Lincoln Boulevard you want to keep an eye out for Bowley Road. After turning onto Bowley Road, you will make your first right onto Gibson Road, which will take you down towards one of several parking lots with access to the beach.


Image of Golden Gate Bridge taken from the South End.

This is the one image that I took out of all the photos that you see here.

This is taken from the south end of the bridge, and west of highway 1, standing somewhere near Battery Boutelle or Battery Marcus Miller. I'm not sure exactly which one I was at, but they are close together, and as long as you are in the vicinity, you shouldn't have any trouble figuring out where you need to go in order to create the photo that you want.

Getting There:
To get here drive along Lincoln Boulevard which follows the edge of the Presidio. If you are coming from the bridge you will want to make a right onto Merchant Road. If you are driving towards the bridge you will want to make a left onto Merchant Road. There is a parking lot off of Merchant road where you can stop, and then you'll have to walk through and over the old military battery forts, but there are trails and stairs.


Image of a black and white window reflection of the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge taken through a hole in a chain link fence by Hopper's Hands

Golden Gate Bridge cable immersed in fog

As you can probably tell, these last three images were all taken while on the bridge!


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